Business Planning

Business Planning

Successful business owners know that planning is everything. This includes planning for your legal needs. Taking small steps today can help prevent major legal problems in the future while also positioning your business for success and growth. Our business planning services include the following:

Corporate Law

We offer a broad range of corporate law services from the foundation through the operation of your business. We can advise whether a C-corporation, S-corporation, LLC, partnership, or another form of incorporation is right for your business and file the appropriate paperwork. As you grow, we are also ready to help your business adapt when your needs change.

Our experienced attorneys also provide a full range of contract services including drafting, negotiating, and reviewing all of the contracts your business needs to function. We take a proactive approach that seeks to make your contracts as airtight as possible to minimize rising disputes and to give you appropriate remedies when another party fails to uphold their end of the bargain.
We also provide tax planning services. While your accountant is great with numbers and we respect that expertise, we will work closely with them to resolve many business tax issues that fall into a legal gray area where the advice of a lawyer may be essential. Our goal is to help you minimize your tax burden while also keeping you in compliance with your obligations.

General Counsel Services

Many businesses have ongoing legal needs but do not have the budget to employ an in-house attorney. Often, these businesses simply ignore legal issues until they turn into avoidable and costly legal disputes. We close this gap by providing general counsel services that allow you to have an on-call attorney, familiar with your business, ready to help you as needed without the added cost of employing an in-house general counsel. Our flexible arrangements allow you to make that quick phone call or email without worrying about incurring extra costs while also maintaining a relationship with an attorney who is promptly available to take on more comprehensive needs.

Commercial Landlord/Tenant

Unlike with residential rentals, commercial landlords and tenants have very few rights except for what is explicitly outlined in the lease agreement and other documentation. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we help protect your rights by drafting and reviewing commercial lease agreements. We also assist in negotiations, renegotiations, and dispute resolution.
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