Category: Estate Planning

Does a Trust Protect Assets from Creditors

How Do You Protect Assets From Creditors? An important estate planning goal for many individuals is to be sure that their money ultimately passes to their heirs, rather than their creditors. One common estate planning tool used for this purpose is the trust. Essentially, a trust is a legal arrangement under which the creator (often [..]

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Do I need a Maryland Will?

What Is A Maryland Will ? A will is a written document directing the disposition of a person’s assets after death. What are the Requirements for A Valid Maryland Will In Maryland, a will must be signed by the person making the will (testator/testatrix) and Attested and signed by two credible witnesses in the presence [..]

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Maryland Estate Planning: legal terms and phrases

Estate planning can be a complicated process, made more so by the many terms not used in everyday interactions. The following definitions will help you understand legal terms and phrases which are relevant to wills, trusts, probate and the estate planning process. BENEFICIARY: The person for whose benefit a trust is created. CODICIL: A document [..]

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